Celebrity Waiters

Celebrity Waiters

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Donations made on behalf of your favorite waiter on this site will be credited to the waiter’s pre-event fundraising efforts. Those donations do not provide you with a ticket to the event, tickets can be purchase separately at http://myscvcoa.org/celebritywaiter/

Andrew Taban

Alan Ferdman

Amy Daniels

Andrew Taban

David Barkow

Ericka Bird

Ingrid Blanco

Irmgard Quint

Jerrid McKenna

Josh Rivas

Julie Susdorf

Kim Siebe

Laura Kirchhoff

Linda Davies

Lisa Odom

Lynne Hazen

Megan Meraz

Michel Delcros

Miriam Robles

Nicole Stinton

Pam Ingram

Rob Baldwin

Shauna Criner

Steve Portaro

Tania Mulry

Tom Lund

Traci Harris

Willie Arroyo

Yolie Haramia